Tuesday, January 19, 2016


1.Fill in the blanks
1) iii)waylaid Hubert
2)iv)black and blue
3)v)the same robbers who had waylaid him
4) ii)tactfully diverted the attention

 5) i)hide themselves inside a cupboard
b)Judas model
d)Old man
3.Match the following
a)Shelly- nurse sam
b)Serge-council worker
c)kumar-Young and enterprising
d)rex’s brother-a tinkerer,an inventor
e)A tattered figure-the artist’s choice
4.Choose the best option
v)b)flying officer
6)Mind map
i)32 years old
ii)above the sea level
iii)upwards 30 cms
iv)surrounded by flood
v)low hedge
9)Complete the dialogue  *
i.)Where are you going?
ii)Why are you meeting Ram?
iii)have you prepared for the exams?
iv)what’s the expected score?
v)will you score cemtum in maths?
16)slogan matching
a)adds taste
b)leaves your hair smooth and silky
c)remain cool
d)the sportman’s magazine
e)water purification
17.Road map
Ø Go straight
Ø Turn right
Ø walk along the royal street for 200 meters
Ø Don’t turn towards 1st ,2nd, and 3rd cross
Ø After the 3rd cross
Ø opposite to library you will find(see)(reach) royal apartment
18.Poem phrases
i)of water
ii)little grains
iv)heaven above
v)ages of eternity
19.translation *
We are going to organize a book fair in our school next week. Special Discount 15% on all kinds of books. Public is allowed to visit stalls from 2PM to 4 PM.
b)picture views *
1)I see a park in the picture
2)Children are playing in the park
3. A girl is holding her father’s hand and looking at the swing.
4.I could see a duck, dog, bee, butterfly, and a Squirrel in this picture.
5. Green grass and trees attracts me a lot.
6.The sun is about to set.
7.Playing games is good for health.
8.The scenery is beautiful
9.The squirrel is sitting on the tree.
10.The girl is playing swing with her brother’s help



Monday, January 18, 2016

English Paper I – Answer Key
1. i –c) ordered    ii – d) continuous effort   iii – b) cruelty  iv – d) rushed   v – c) bravery
2. i – b) dicontinue  ii – c) vague   iii – a) ignoble  iv – c) discouragement    v – c) ordinary

3. b) Indian Penal Code
4. The bells pealed loudly.
5. boot - trunk
6.  premises – Premises (Correct option is not given)
7. c) musician
8. a) goodwill
9. recovered from – got over
10.  a) di-mi-nish( 3 syllables)  / b) gui-ta-rist ( 3 syllables ) /  c) as-tro-lo-gy ( 4 syllables )
11. a) exempt
12 . a) Frequent revision fixes the concept in your mind*
       b) Dhilip  frequently recalls the subject.*      
      c) The frequency of words written on paper increases day by day*
13. He claims that he owns this house.*
14. b) There is no solution to this problem.

15. b) If I had had
16. c) SVOA
17.  a) does he?
18. c) one of the busiest
19. b) he never expected to be selected.
20. b) In my opinion
21. a) Ignoring
22. a) on earning
23. b) a
24. a) in

25.  He is too clever to be cheated. *
26. Let your things be taken care and they might be stolen by someone.
27. Salim said, “ I have lost my cell phone. I am yet to lodge a complaint with the police.”
28.  If he had not gone to the party, he would not have met many of his old friends.
29.  My pen is the costliest of all./ My pen costs more than Venu’s  pen.*

30. “  What is it that you need most ? ,” She said.

31. Large number of people migrate / exodus
32.Students with generous mind and simple heart
33. Beggar - wizened face – looked miserable – tattered cloak – patched boots
34. Music – basic need – express feelings – meaning to life
35. Laws –cover workwers – over age of 18
36. Some birds - easy satges – take rest – some fly – without  rest – move fast at sunset
37. Raja raja chola’s gifts – to temple

39. Poem:Migrant Bird- The globe’s …..Vigil gates.  
           Going for water – We ran as if … we paused
( Refer Text Book )

40. i) Inner beauty of a simple man.
     ii) Simple man’s generous heart.
41.Happiness of the poet’s childhood days.
42. The brook looks like a silver blade.
43. Flowers like children were very tired and looked pale due to continuous work.

44. Rhyme Scheme: a b c b
45. Figure of Speech: Personification
46. Onomatopoeic Word: boom, tingling
47. Words in alliteration: barren-boughs; birds-breeze; without-without  
48. Figure of Speech:  Oxymoron

50. a) People – lot of fun pulling pranks – day of fun – practical jokes
      b) Sun – journey – equator – 21 March – long ago – that day – new year.
    c) Pope – changed – new year – from 21 March to 1 January
      d) People – gifts – new year – date changed – gave mock gifts on 1 April.
      e) Assumption – April Fools’ day – began in France - to other countries.

51. a) This is Charles’ coat.
      b) Many do not know where he lives, do they?
      c) He is an expert in playing flute.
      d) Do not be afraid of  his words.
      e) Neither Rahim nor his parents have come today.

52. a) Safety while playing / Road safety.*
      b) The smoke.*
      c) He may met with an accident.*
      d) In a vast play ground or open field.*
      e) Play with safe.*

       * Questions having more than one answer