Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SSLC English first paper key:
1. Interest, victim, struggle, difficult task, private.
2. Clean, visible, rare, internal, fast.
3. Local area network
4. Mission
6. Waterfall
7. Strata
8. Hyperactive
9. Give up
10. Ar- ti- cu- late
       Bit- ter
       Sym- pa_ thise
11. Listened
12.it is migrant bird
13. My decision is to join the arts college
14. We barely have enough water. 15.he would help the needy
16. Svoc
17.can she,?
18. As strong as
19. A fish cannot survive on land
20. Because of
21. Learn
22.of being
23. The
24. On
25. The lid of the bottle is too tight to open it.
26. The portions were completed by the teacher and a test was conducted by him.
27. The blind lady said to the student, " please help me to cross the road ".
28. If it rains, I will get wet.
29. James is elder than Siva
30. "An amazing model?"shouted Trevor at the top of his voice.
40.Dull and Grey
41. Hard work
42.being in dream world without action
43. Poet
44.migrant Bird
45. Minute- in it
Run- son
46. Betray- back- belong
47. Simile
48. Abab
49. Onomatopoeic


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