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HALF YEARLY ANSWER KEY English paper 1&2


1.  i) essential    ii) victorious     iii)  bravery   iv)  effecting    v)  seriousness
 2.  i) frequent    ii) disorganized     iii)  dishonour  iv)  past       v)  less
 3.  Indian National Satellite  
4.  We heard loud peals of laughter    
5.  Sales clerk 
6.  Out post 
7.  Pants 
8. Impossible 
9.  Make out 
10. a) sen/ti/ment-3 syllables, b) com/pul/sive-3 syllables  c) met/ro/polis-3 syllables  
 11.  House      
12. a) I  was frightened at his ferocity       b) The tiger is a ferocious animal        c) The tiger attacked him ferociously.                  
13. This is the moment of pride (or) We take pride of this moment    
14. a) Not many children are exceptionally talented  
15 c) you will be punished   
 16. c) SVAA 
17. a) doesn’t she ?  DOES SHE? is right according to me as statement contains rarely which is negative
18. b) as tall as
19. b) He refused to admit his guilt
20. a)  In case 
 21. c) Playing 
 22. b) on loosing      
23. b) An   
24. c) by    
 25. a) The leaking tap has to be repaired             b) As the tap is leaking, it has to be repaired            c) The tap is leaking (and) so it has to be repaired.          
26. A mistake has been committed by the boy and it was realized by him.         
27. Shreya asked Swarna to give her(we can also use swarna's for second her) her book and assured that she would return it the next day.  
28. a) If he had run fast, he wouldn’t have lost the race.(or )He would have won the race
 29. a) Tower D is the highest.      b)  Tower C is higher than Tower A/B.
30. “What is that you like most ? “I asked.
40.     a) The poet’s (D.H.Lawrence) heart         b) It was a Sunday evening and there was winter outside.
41. Because it was equitable between bright and dark.
42. No, it doesn’t.
43. a) It depicts both the darker and the brighter sides of the world (or)       b) On one side, the poor suffer a lot and their life is gloomy. On the other side the rich live luxuriously.
44. Glean – dream
45. Simile
46. aabb
47. Simile
48.  Stark – softens    
50. a) dispute      b) Spending large sums of money on medical research. c) Vaccination against diseases such as Polio, Antibiotics, X – rays, Radiotherapy, etc., are the advantages of Medical research. d) A cure for AIDS is the goal.      e) It can be reduced by organizing a team of scientists with joint international funding.
51.  a) from - between        b) are - is        c) a - an        d) am - was        e) than - to
52.  a) Bullock  - cart         b) They are happy. I see smile on their faces.        c) Because it is a handicraft        d) At art galleries and handicraft sales depots.        e) During “Navarathiri” Festival.


Section -I
1                     i) on the front porchii) with a hurt paw iii) belonged to iv) doctor and patient  v) as best as he could
2                     i) Shelly  ii) Painter  iii) Dad/ Father   iv) Celine   v) Hubert

1                     a) Sam-the real name of the dog   b) Dad-a flying officer in World War II   C) Kumar-young and enterprising    d) Hubert-a little boy of fourteen    e) Jack Poderoso – a 45 year old teacher
2                     i) b) Goldy   ii) d) with an accounting firm   iii) d) the life of Jesus  iv) a) New York  v) b) cup board

6.        i) She was belting out a tune   ii) gathered around and sang  iii) the piano  iv) he had no job          v) Dad bought a new piano for cash

9.        i) I want to go  ii) This road leads to the Big Temple.  iii) It is … km from here / near by  iv) Can I get an auto? / thank you.  V) sure / welcome

1                     a) Mobile phones are banned in the school campus by the Govt. of Tamilnadu.  b) Indian scientists have discovered a new planet.  c) The Prime Minister is going to inaugurate the National Games in Delhi.  d) The jewels were stolen from a house in Mylapore.   e) Chennai Super Kings has beat Mumbai Indians in the T20 Cricket match.
2                     i) c)5   ii) true    iii) b) higher than   iv) b) 4.1     v) d) oil

16.a) Tooth paste-A sparkling smile
 b) Pen-The magic of words
 c) LPG Stove-A new style in cooking
 d) Air-Conditioner-Cool and pleasant
 e) Salt-Add taste

18.         i) summer morning  ii) sing iii) huntsman iv) school v) in sighing and dismay

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