Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SSLC English first paper Half yearly 2016

1. Interest, victim, struggle, difficult task, private.
2. Clean, visible, rare, internal, fast.
3. Local area network
4. Mission
6. Waterfall
7. Strata
8. Hyperactive
9. Give up
10. Ar- ti- cu- late
       Bit- ter
       Sym- pa_ thise
11. Listened
12.it is migrant bird
13. My decision is to join the arts college
14. We barely have enough water. 15.he would help the needy
16. Svoc
17.can she,?
18. As strong as
19. A fish cannot survive on land
20. Because of
21. Learn
22.of being
23. The
24. On
25. The lid of the bottle is too tight to open it.
26. The portions were completed by the teacher and a test was conducted by him.
27. The blind lady said to the student, " please help me to cross the road ".
28. If it rains, I will get wet.
29. James is elder than Siva
30. "An amazing model?"shouted Trevor at the top of his voice.
40.Dull and Grey
41. Hard work
42.being in dream world without action
43. Poet
44.migrant Bird
45. Minute- in it
Run- son
46. Betray- back- belong
47. Simile
48. Abab
49. Onomatopoeic

SSLC Half Yearly Exam  2016-17  English paper 2
       Section 1
1. 1.Astonishment and anger 
   2. Now in the drain
   3. The contents of bins
   4. To feel her legs
   5. To the pipe

2.a. shelly's mother
   b. Celine
   c. Rex coker's brother
   d. Kumar's mother
   e. Rob Reily's mother

3. a. Got separated from his owner
  b. Splashed over to help his wife
  c. World war 2
  d. Clever little boy 
  e. Flying birds 

4. 1. France
    2. Blue printing
    3. Mural
    4. At the Catholic kindergarten 
    5. Thieves and robbers

5. a. His father's arrival
    b. Dad was dressed in a blue uniform with a skinny boat shaped cap.
    c. After seeing mom and me , dad dropped the suitcase.
    d. He found a large newspaper advertisement displaying a piano.
    e. After hearing " I bought your mum a piano" Mum squealed with joy.

6. 1. to vedanthangal
    2. Flocks of birds nestled among the trees.
    3. they would go back to their homes
    4. Flying back home
    5. a strong determination 

       Section 2
9. 1. I am 20 years old.
    2. Where did you study?
    3. What's your qualification?
    4. Are you employed at present?
    5. I can join now itself sir.

      Section 4
     a. Reserve Bank of India  released new 500 rupees notes yerterday after the ban of old 1000 and 500 notes.
  b. Yesterday Supreme Court implemented a new rule that the bike riders without helmet ll be fined.
  c. Bank employees strike for the hike of salary was postponed due to heavy rain in Chennai.
  d. Mumbai : Dubbawallah who belongs to North India is honoured in foreign nation for his outstanding service.
  e. Andhra XI beat Viva to enter Football cup semi finals in national games in New Delhi yerterday.

14. 1.formal shirts
      2. 50
      3. Dhoties
      4. Shorts
      5. 150

16. a. Handle with care
      b. Sharp time for sharp people.
     c. Passing of days
     d. Extra mile and smile
     e. The cup that cheers
17. 1. Step down on the road.
     2. Go straight along the straight road.
     3. Cross the 2nd street and go straight along the main road. 
     4. Walk past the hospital which lies on your left.
    5. Go straight along the same road for a while.
    6. You can a temple on you left and just opposite lies the mega mart. 

18. 1. Go slow
      2. The stars in heaven 
      3. Out spread / to catch the blessed dew
     4. Love
     5. All the beauty of the night.
19. a. You should show your train tickets to me. In case of failure you need to pay penalty according to train  regulation rules. You can the penalty and get the receipt from me.

 b. 1.It seems to be a circus.
     2. I want to visit the circus .
     3. I can see ring in the picture.
     4. I can see mickey mouse with balloons. 
     5. I'll enjoy a lot if I go there.
     6. Generally children will have a lot of fun there.