Sunday, October 7, 2012

Misconceptions of success

1. Some people can't be successful because of the background, education, etc.
Anybody can be successful. It's a matter of wanting to, then doing what it takes to achieve it.

2. Successful people don't make mistakes.
Successful people make mistakes just like we all do. They just don't repeat them.

3. You've got to work 60 (70, 80, 90...) hours a week to be successful.
It's not a matter of doing A LOT of something. It's more about doing the right thing.

4. It takes a lot of luck to be successful.
It takes *some* luck to be successful, sure. It takes a lot more hard work, diligence, knowledge, and application.

5. It's only success if you make a lot of money.

Money is just one of many benefits to success, but it's not guaranteed.

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