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I fill in the blanks

1)Judas Iscariot
2)his masterpiece
3)a gaunt and tattered figure
4)for wine
5)the child jesus


3.Kumar’s father
5.Rob’s neighbor


1.mural-a wall painting
2.good  night Irene-a song sung by neighbours
3.the beast of an invention-a bike
4.Lunch(wrong)/Lunel-a small town in france
5.Hubert-a clever little boy


2.frisbee and football
3.a plastic pipe
4.thieves and robbers
5.twelve years old

V.Read the passage

1.Serge was 43 year old council worker  and celine 32 years old home maker,.
2.They spend most of their days in Lunel
3.They stepped out of their home because of heavy floods
4.What did (Wrong) where did celine step over (right question)
Celine stepped over a low hedge which separated the street from pavement.
5.Celine fell and disappeared below the water.

VI.Mind map

1.Second world war
2.New piano
3.by loan to your mum
5.He became an accounting officer in an accounting firm

9.complete the dialogue

What can i do for you sir?
How many pages are missing?
When did you buy the book sir?
Where is the bill?
Let me exchange,Thank you so much.

10.Dialogue between mother and daughter about first day school experience 
M:Hi,dear i was eagerly waiting for you
D:Mummy I  wish to share today's interesting class experiences with you.
M.Surte dear what happened?
D: Our teachers are very kind and teaching well mummy
M:How is your classmates
D:they are also moving very friendly ma
M:What i have you learnt today
D:I have learnt all the 5 subjects
M:I will prepare ragi malt for you .
D:Ok mummy i will wash my face and lets have together.............

11.Letter writing(Content of the letter)

I am studying well .In our GHSS, Sathiyamangalam school our HM had announced an excursion to bangalore and mysore on (3.4.2013 and 4.4.2013) The fee for the excursion is Rs.600.All my friends are going for the excursion,Daddy i am also very eager to see the places So please permit me to join the excursion party and send me the prescribed fee.
                     Thanking You

14.Picture comprehension(venn diagram)

4.less than the number of cars

16. match the slogans

Micro tip pen         -flawless writting flows
motor bike            -for extra mile and smile
Ice cream              -no more summer,chillers are here
Gum-                     Fixes everything except broken hearts
Computer-             Technology at your door step

17.Write instructions to reach apollo hospital

  • turn right
  • walk along the T.K road
  • Again turn right at 1st main road
  • Again turn right 
  • Walk along the new busstand road
  • you will find  Appollo Hospital on your right opposite to scan centre.


1.Plump little girl
2.In the meadows
3.no clothes (or) without any clothes
4.Hasn't single feather


The smoker not only spoils health but also the persons surrounding him who inhales the smoke has the serious danger of getting cancer.So avoid smoking not only to keep yourselves healthy but also to keep your surroundings and society healthy.

b)Views on the Picture

This is a school van.
We can See four kids and a driver.
The children are mischievous
They are putting their heads out of the window
the journey is not safe
the van is overcrowded
the cartoon is looking impressive
I wish to draw this picture
This picture explains the hazards of school journey.
this picture is meaningful.
i love the kids with naughty faces.
The luggages are stored on the top  luggage cabin.

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